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Faster Billing and Easy Order processing

In supermarket when you are liable to fastly serve too many buyers and do the billing as faster as they can to attend to other customers and deplete the waiting time because no customer likes to wait for hours in a queue. Our supermarket software is an advanced order processing unit to make the billing counters tackle the long queues in no time.

Digital Payment Acceptance

This is the digital era and going digital is a crucial part of promoting yourself as an updated business. Also knowing the fact that in a supermarket you can many types of customers some maybe of category that doesn’t smartphones that well and some might be in the ones that look into their phone much and lie to do things offline. Our super market billing software supports smart payment gateways across all online platforms to make it convenient for your customers to initiate payment.

One system, multi-channels

While holding a company with various branches in different areas you have to give equal importance to each branch and handle each of the outlets efficiently. With our best supermarket billing software, you can manage multiple stores & their multiple Payment Counters from one place. So now you can relax and see through your business established in different regions from one place.

Manage Discounts

In the supermarket business, you have a thousand products to offer to the customers and even more than that. While selling such a good number of products it can be a plus point if you provide sufficient discounts on the products to the customers. IT can certainly increase the rate of sales and revenue. To decide on these special discounted prices you would definitely want to prefer our supermarket billing software to get automated suggestions on seasonal discounts and selling criteria with an automatic price update policy.

Purchase management

In this big set of products you always need to know which product is doing well and should be brought more frequently and which one should be put on a halt. The latter will ensure that there are very few possibilities of customers leaving you to store without the item they need. Never run out of stock in any store and fill up the stock with the right amount of products at the best prices.

Dynamic Offer Options

Speak out loud about the offers you are providing in your supermarket to attract more consumers. With our best billing software for supermarket you can easily create your own deals on a weekly, daily, and even hourly basis, and spread the word about it with dynamic display channels.

LytPOS Exclusive Add-Ons

Customer Facing Display

A customer-facing display at the time of billing enables the customer to know about the prices added to the bill are correct as mentioned in the products’ sections. This earns you good customer feedback and increases the potential customers.


Role-Based Access

Keep an account of the functionality of the system and limit the access to views, and modifications, and create commands on the basis of hierarchy. You can differentiate accounts on the managerial, salesperson, and administration levels easily with this supermarket billing software.