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Recipe Management

Consistency is a crucial factor to add to your food business to make it more reliable to the foodies. Since the authenticity in the taste of food provides validation for restaurants from consumers. With our restaurant bill software LytPOS, you can easily match the taste and flavor of the dishes in all your outlets and generate loyal customers.

Faster Billing

It is easier to ensure customer retention and more loyal customers for your business when there is no queue waiting for them while asking for bills. A faster billing and invoicing process will lead to customer satisfaction and laborsaving. As we are well aware that how deadly a business craves brand points.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management - Managing an inventory with lots of different category products is a fussy business. This large pool of many items with different prices is enough to confuse anyone. Why not pass this business to a computerized system? Save yourself the time of preparing the last stage stock lists and fill in the right amount of stock according to the product sales report with our bar and restaurant billing software.

Seasonal Discount & Pricing Alerts

Discount is the most profound honey to attract customers to your business. And it is a cherry on the cake when you about what discount to apply and when. Get smart discount & pricing alerts seasonally & occasionally and forward them directly to deserving and potential customers by our restaurant bill software to give more brand points.

Aggregator Integration

A food business is tough to handle already because you have to handle so many sectors but registering it online and signing up with different distributors is a complicated task and needs accuracy. With LytPOS you can handle multiple online orders from different food aggregators with a single dedicated panel.

Payment Integration

When you offer multiple payment options to the customers, they consider you as a fancy vendor who thinks about his consumers, and in a food business you are definitely going to get customers with different backgrounds and choices. Our software is one of the best restaurant billing software that will help you manage payment across all payment gateways from one place.

LytPOS Exclusive Add-Ons

Kitchen Order Tickets

When one foodie enters your restaurant, it is easy to attend to them as well as serve them on time but that’s not what you want, right? You need a bunch of customers to visit your restaurant and flood with food orders. But handling that flood of orders is a mindful task though you can easily tackle this by generating dedicated order tickets for the particular customers.

Allocating real-time order tickets by our online billing software for restaurants makes it easy to track the food status and order collection from the counter. The order count display shows the work management regulation of your restaurant.


Kitchen Order Display

A restaurant owner always wishes for her/his restaurant kitchen to sell a good number of dishes every hour. When there are multiple orders in your kitchen, it is also important to deliver them in time, with consistency and accuracy. Though it gets harder for chefs to schedule these orders or decide which order would be on which chef. Using our restaurant bill software is the best solution for it.

Since a Restaurant kitchen is a busy place with multiple orders, having a dedicated Kitchen Order Display Panel increases the order accuracy, efficiency of the kitchen, and higher the rate of customer service, which enhances sales. You can achieve this with our best billing software for restaurants.