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Why put any effort into the time-intensive retail wiring when LytPOS won’t let you.

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Sales Commission

Auto-update the sales record of employees to distribute the commission per product wisely.

Product Reports

Track the sales record of individual products, their investments, and outputs throughout the tenure.

Loyalty Events and Gift Cards

Get alerts and smart suggestions on imposing loyalty points and exclusive benefits for the customers occasionally to engage more buyers.

Keep Selling

Manage exchange on old products, 3rd party leads commission, and validated prices.

Real-Time Sale Stock Management

Update the stock dynamically at the time of sale and manage the refilling of stock accordingly.

Customer-facing POS Terminal

A customer-facing POS Panel lifts your name up by ensuring of the prices at the time of billing are the same as at the time of building the cart.

LytPOS Exclusive Add-Ons

Manage Payment Collection

A modern payment acceptance system lets you accept payments across various digital payment channels to prevent interrupting payment failures. This keeps the transactions secure and quick.


Product Delivery Record Status

Auto-updating of product delivery and installation status to keep things well-ordered. Get real-time customer feedback responses to raise your business some brand loyalty points and initiate required updates in policies.