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One billing software for pharmacy to do all the analysis and frustrating tasks to free you from error-prone record-keeping.

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Smart Report

In a pharmacy business there are many records and analyses with so many factors to judge and sub-records. Keeping a well-structured report while evaluating the records with all of the updated calculations and tracks is such a tricky task and difficult to be handled with manual efforts. With our billing software for pharmacy you can get a channelized report on your business and sales on multiple channels from one spot.

Doctor’s Commission

While running a pharmacy business, you communicate and collaborate with other doctors in the locality or nearby. After that doctors are liable to send the patient to the respective pharmacy they have collaborated with and get a commission per patient they have sent or on purchase prices. To keep a well-defined record of this you can register and initiate a doctor’s commission per customer medicines sold accordingly in our online pharmacy billing software.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

When there is a business there is a big pool of data and it is very important that wherever that data is lying, it is secure, easy to scratch, and easy to deploy whenever needed. Our trustworthy LytPOS setup gives the business owners a secure online setup that keeps the data intact and provides divided multiple-level access.

Stock Availability

It is very hard to send the customers empty-handed from our store. In a pharmacy business, we sell medicines which is an important part for someone to have a healthy life. But the main issue is how to remain updated about the stock that needs to be filled urgently and the items that are not required at the current moment. You can resolve this by getting automatic inventory alerts on stock lasting and resourcing it on time with our medical store billing software.

Expiry Alert

When you have some stock that is not so in demand or maybe not being cleared out for some particular reason, it might reach its expiry date without you knowing about it. Yes, those expired drugs can not be sold but you can know about these expiries even before by using our medical store billing software. With it, you can be aware of the expiry of the drugs a month before so that you can destroy or return them within time.

Account Management

In a business model that is hierarchy-based, you need to maintain several accounts and their data. There are regular updates and deletions and doing this on a big level is a robust job to be performed humanly. Since you need a system that is hierarchically distributed and has access limitations and features distributed according to distinguished levels. So you can undoubtedly hire our billing software for pharma wholesale for handling clients’, sellers’, doctors’, and employees’ accounts from one easy-to-operate system.

LytPOS Exclusive Add-Ons

Fully Touch-Enabled Dedicated POS Panel

A panel that allows you to bill even faster while increasing accuracy in sales and decreasing manual efforts. LytPOS is the best pharmacy billing software that enables you to auto-update the sales into the system to reduce standard error-prone entries.


Purchase Manage

Our smart online pharmacy billing software not only updates your inventory regularly on the basis of sales but also acknowledges you about where to refill it at the best prices. It provides a well-versed list of stock requirements in different seasons.