Top 6 LytPOS Features for Multi-Store Networks

Top 6 LytPOS Features for Multi-Store Networks
  7 months ago

LytPos gives quite a few capabilities which can assist your shop store time and boom revenue. LytPos has advanced capabilities which can be beneficial for multi-shop proprietors to shape their unique needs. In most cases, franchises, shopping for groups, and company networks own many shops, and POS software programs can assist managers in manipulating their businesses more. LytPOS is designed for multi-save networks consisting of franchises, shopping for groups, and company networks. Our software program gives many functionalities that assist you in manipulating and managing your organization to enhance turnover.

Here are the Top 6 Lytpos features for multi-store networks -: Using most of these features, you’ll discover it much simpler to manipulate your shops and feature extended manage over them.

LytPos provide master and sub-master accounts for multiple stores  

In the identical account, you could alter your product data so that it is mechanically allotted to your community without your franchisees having to create new merchandise themselves. This is wherein the term "Master Account" takes its meaning. 

The master account is at the pinnacle of your community and is controlled by the main branch store or head office. It includes all of the essential statistics about your company. It regulates your entire community and has complete control of the stores that are connected to this account.

The sub-master account is a one-of-a-kind attribute from the master account. Its shops whilst being a part of the more extensive network. This is the case of a franchisee who owns numerous shops within the equal network. They can regulate the statistics transmitted from the master account to conform it to their clientele. This may also contain converting charges, having nearby merchandise, etc. 

Easily Inventory Transfer Between Multiple Stores 

More than one shop to manage, a few shops can be busier than others due to their location, region, population, etc.; you ought to have better stock counts for your shops to fulfill the demand. On the other hand, those institutions can be brief of inventory for positive forms of items. Unable to fulfill demand, your customers tend to leave you doubtlessly unsatisfied. LytPOS gives a function that permits your shops to keep away from inventory needs. This consists of inter-save stock transfers and the cap potential to seek advice from the network’s stock. with this feature, you may switch merchandise from one save to another. LytPOS permits you to complete your transfers fast and efficiently. Our software program can automate the manner of moving products among shops through the usage of the power of your network. 

LytPOS can recognize if a product is an associate store by checking its inventory. Also, LytPOS calculates shipping prices whilst you make transfers.

Simplify Price Changes On Multiple Stores With Standard Pricing 

Managing and making network-huge rate changes may be time-taking, particularly when you have numerous stores that must adapt to their neighborhood clients and market. LytPOS can assist in simplifying charge modifications with multi-keep general pricing. With your master account, you could set product fees and distribute them to the shops which might be a part of the network. You can continually alternate your costs in case you hope. Also, this characteristic works thoroughly to assist control multi-keep promotions.

  • Centralizing product charge adjustments, you could distribute the identical expenses to all your stores. It avoids mistakes when you consider that all of the branches which are a part of the community obtain similar facts and now no longer must manually input the adjustments made.

Security & Advance Accessible with Advance Report

LytPOS gives many reviews to keep in tune with your organization’s activities. The reviews can cowl a huge variety of topics. They may be approximately sales, orders, purchases, stocks, etc. 

By monitoring your multi-keep community records and activities, you could comply with the worldwide evolution of your organization over a given time frame to make higher enterprise decisions.

Easy To Access Data

You aren't confined to at least one tool to view your data. You can use a terminal, computer, a well-matched tablet, and different well-matched gadgets to view your data and access it easily. 

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Manage With Role Management 

With LytPOS, it'll be clean to assign roles to your personnel. Role control lets you assign precise obligations to personnel and supply them with entry to be consistent with their status. For example, stock managers, accountants, clerks, etc. This capability lets you manipulate your personnel's access and people who can expect advice from the company's data. 

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