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Gone are those days when business owners manage everything in register manually. But a point-of-sale (POS) System is more than just a fancy cash register Today, with the help of a retail POS software you can simplify your billing, promotions, returns and much more. A full-featured enterprise POS system can handle sales monitoring and reporting, analytics, inventory tracking, mobile connectivity, customer data management, employee management, and robust integrations. In today’s world, your POS software should be a part of a larger solution that helps you run and grow your business end-to-end. We provide customer support 24*7 via phone, web (ticket generation) community support. Our team promptly responds to requests so that your business never suffers.

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System features

Customer relationship and experience

Purchase History, Store customer data and purchase history which is useful for advertising as this data can provide insights on which customer would be interested in your sale.

Sales monitoring and reporting

Sales Report by hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, sales trends, seasonal demands, forecast, stock management,insights on stock management.

Inventory and stock management

Lot-wise view inventory, SKU, Transaction history, In-out product, inbound &outbound inventory, stock adjustments i.e. increase/decrease stock.Provide stock visibility at store level.

Cross channel returns management

Cross-channel Return management, facilitate refunds and replacements, create multiple returns for one sales order,capture the reason of return.

Employee management

staffing levels, employee hours, sales performance, track employee productivity, employee activity.

Billing and order processing

Order, Scan items, capture different payment modes,invoice, customer details,add discount, reprint and email invoices to end customer.


Rohan Verma.

LYTPOS has everything I’m looking for. It has multiple business location control which is best feature for my business. With search by combination and medicine expiry module alert. I’m using it in my two business locations with multi-user access control and easily get my daily sales report and closing stock details.


It is the best restaurant POS system for small and big hotel restaurant businesses because it has restaurant-specific features with KOTfunctions (Kitchen order ticket) system, transparent pricing, and even though it has its own payment processing service, LYTPOS Payments, it integrates with several other payment processors. It can be used by many types of restaurants, including full- and quick-service establishments, bars, breweries and nightclubs, and food trucks.


I’m very much impressed with LYTPOS marketing team. They help me setup the entire things. As their system is very much friendly and easily explain everything with all navigations in it. It enables me to closely track our customers choices and cater to our customer, ultimately making our store more profitable.

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