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  6 months ago

As a business owner constantly looking for methods and tricks to cut expenses and increase revenue. you might be looking for a point-of-sale (POS) system for your small business so that you can compete with bigger eateries and keep track of your sales and inventory. you must choose between a cloud-based POS and a legacy system if you're looking for a restaurant POS system. A restaurant POS purchase is a significant investment that should not be done without carefully considering all the available options. If you're looking for a retail POS, you've probably noticed how pricey they can be. Some systems still require local installation and may come with high upfront expenditures that could force a business out of business.

The best start is by comprehending the distinctions between a cloud-based POS and a (Traditional Software) POS.

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How Does Cloud-Based POS & Traditional POS Software Work

Cloud-based point-of-sale software that saves data on external servers is a cloud-based POS, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform or a web-based POS. Cloud is accessible anywhere there is wifi, you log into your online account every time you access the cloud. You can alter a menu item for a POS from the couch in your living room.

A legacy POS also called a "traditional" POS, is a computer with software and a hard drive that stores all the data. It is an old technique that was used before cloud computing became popular. Traditional point-of-sale (POS) systems are widely utilized and have been for a long time. 

A traditional POS software placed on local server results in more excellent initial software and hardware expenditures. This kind of software was no longer widespread since it frequently lacked support, updates, and connections to cutting-edge platforms like eCommerce.

Traditional POS Software Vs Cloud Based POS

Traditional POS is standing and has set places. As a result, your wait staff will have to run between the counter and the tables of customers continuously, and you'll probably need to hire more people. Insufficient sales insights. Most typical POSs just display top sellers and their quantities, not many other data analyses. Traditional point-of-sale systems use outdated technology, which makes it challenging to interface with other products like accounting software. Upgrades to the software are also uncommon.

You do not need to purchase one-time software if you employ a cloud-based SAAS solution. All you need to do to access the system's elements and services is pay a monthly or annual subscription cost. That may be a small portion of what it would cost to purchase a conventional POS system. The yearly and monthly fees are typically less expensive than a significant up-front payment.

Support System

You won't have to pay extra for support services using modern POS. Most SAAS providers have a support team that can provide you with all the continuous assistance you require at no additional charge. 

They can assist your POS remotely, which makes it simpler to provide this service at no additional cost to the customer, and they can afford to do so.

Update Features

As we've seen, updating a conventional legacy POS costs money regularly. You need to reinstall or update the system whenever a new version is released or new features are added. However, with a cloud-based POS system, upgrades are typically performed remotely on the entire system. You usually don't have to pay further to take advantage of these advantages beyond your monthly subscription fee. Furthermore, you can depend on always having a modern system without having to make any effort to have one created for you.


As we've seen, a legacy POS system necessitates the acquisition of specialized hardware, including servers. However, a cloud-based system only requires the bare minimum, including computers, scanners, printers, and cash registers.


Unlike traditional, modern POS can interface with other aspects of your company. For instance, you can link the following services with LytPOS POS: such as E-commerce, Marketplace, ERP, Accounting, warehouse management, CRM, etc.

This should cut down on the time and money needed to carry out these tasks manually, which is your only choice if you choose to employ a conventional Point of Sale system.

LytPOS Prepare the software according to your business needs, you may receive reliable, cutting-edge POS software for your businesses at a reasonable cost with LytPOS POS. With this fantastic piece of software supported by a committed team and frequently updated, you can go all out. With LytPOS POS, you can even oversee many stores.

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